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in partnership with planet earth

Let’s face it, Earth is awesome. As a business that manufactures product, we are aware of our impact on her.

We have small ways to decrease our footprint, such as our shipping methods, high quality materials, and refusal to use plastic packaging. Those are great, but they weren’t enough for us so we created the Partner with Planet Earth program. We believe businesses should do no unnecessary harm, but when they inevitably do, they should admit it and offset it by reimbursing Earth as a partner.

There’s a saying, “Invest in those who invest in you.” That ideology extends to Planet Earth. She has invested in all of us since the beginning and we feel it’s past time to return the love.

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The idea for a lightweight portable hammock stand came to Cal on a hunting trip. Years of physical labor (and acting like he was invincible) working on ranches, building hundreds of miles of fences, welding, and bull-riding had caused painful joint flare-ups in his back. Sleeping on hard ground was getting more difficult, so he took a hammock along on his trip. He had never slept better outside, and became determined to invent a lightweight stand that he could carry anywhere.

He did just that and began with a Kickstarter campaign. Despite many delays, manufacturing problems, and impatient backers, the stands finally got into the hands of customers and were a hit. Since that first Kickstarter campaign, Cal has improved the product to be even sturdier, lighter, safer, and more convenient.

When Kristen jumped on board, they had many discussions about how they wanted YOBOgear to fit into the business world. There was no question that it was to be a force for altruism, not just profit. That’s how Partnership with Planet Earth came to be and they are excited to watch the rest unfold.